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Tomorrow Wars Edition Short barreled Rifle


Want to kill Future monsters and save the world like Chris Pratt? Well we cant help. but we can sell you the gun from the movie. Our “Tomorrow wars” gun is built to the same high standards as every Leviathan Defense gun and has the same Till Ragnarök Warranty note For time travelers Leviathan Defense of the Time Frame Damage is take is responsible for Repairs, Repairing today what you break tomorrow will cause a paradox.
*this is a Short Barreled Rifle All NFA rules apply *

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Designed to resemble the weapons used in the movie “Tomorrow Wars”. Staring Chris Pratt they feature a 4.75″ barrel 5.56  micro gas system and Leviathan defense’s Rugged 7570 billet receivers.
This is a Short Barreled Rifle all NFA rules Apply.

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 36 × 6 × 16 in


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